In attendance were Wordbender, Mage, and Minnichi.

  • Suzon had previously informed Mage that it would be some time before he could finish Chapter 1 and so provided him with the outline so someone else could work on it.
  • Wordbender offered to take over the first chapter, using a combination of Suzon's outline and her own. She is optimistic about turning out a draft by next week.
  • It was suggested that we add a chapter 'progress bar' on our Vortex fanon page, and the idea was met with enthusiasm.
  • Changes to the Prologue have been suggested, including the swapping of Olaiya's final section with Ling's, converting words currently in all caps to italics, as well as some sentence editing offered by Mage.

In other news, Suzon was mistaken for Sozen and attendees were once more plagued with the Curse of the Blue Smiley. That is all.